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Guess what?? We're having a SALE!


with code PNWSALEMADNESS when you spend at least $100!


1 - We're moving out of our storage unit!

2 - Our plan is to consolidate all our printers: DTG, DTF, sublimation, sticker, and possibly a new UV DTF printer under one roof!


It all comes down to space! Shop now, help us clear our inventory, and save with code PNWSALEMADNESS!

Thank you for your continued support!

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Hello and Welcome to PNW Blanks & Sublimation by Elena!


Are you ready to let your creativity soar? Our extensive range of high-quality blank products and top-tier heat press equipment has got you covered!

Whether you're a small business owner, a passionate hobbyist, or a professional designer, we have all the resources you need to turn your creative ideas into stunning, personalized items. With our user-friendly online ordering system, super-fast shipping, and unbeatable customer support, we're dedicated to making your sublimation journey a breeze.


Start exploring our collection today, and let's bring your vision to life!

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i'm so happy I received my PNW sublimation press Friday. Yesterday, I sublimated two tumblers in the press, and they came out amazing. No ghosting, and I used THREE pieces of tape. I'm very impressed. I had a lot of ghosting with the convection oven, and I messed up so many tumblers.

I was so on the fence about this press. I just went for it because I was so sick of taping, shrink wrap, and Hot Oven! And not to mention time! I got my press Saturday. I watched videos, read guides, and followed Facebook posts. I had a lot of orders and was going to use the oven. But, I figured, what the hell. BUY the PRESS NOW! It's a total GAME CHANGER! My results: every tumbler is PERFECT! Thanks, Elena!

Found PNW Blanks and haven’t even considered ordering from anywhere else. If they don’t have it, I don’t offer it. I let my customers know it’s quality I can count on.

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