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We've got some news to share with you.

Danny and Elena at PNW Blanks & Sublimation by Elena and PNW Print Co are restructuring their business to focus on expanding the printing side of it.  With new printers on the way, including a 24"-wide UV DTF printer and a new 36"-wide DTF printer (woop woop!), PNW Print Co is gearing up for some exciting growth!

Commercial printers take up a lot of space, and DTF printing is a full-time job for everyone involved. We will say goodbye to sublimation blanks and tumbler presses to make room for this expansion. Starting January 7th, we will begin our BUSINESS OVERHAUL CLEARANCE, and everything on the PNW Blanks & Sublimation by Elena website will be 25% off, no coupon needed!


It was a tough decision. However, this is your chance to benefit from the clearance and save BIG!

A few very important details:

  • There will be no additional coupons on the PNW Blanks & Sublimation by Elena website anymore (we never allowed combined discounts).

  • All sales are considered final, except for any errors on our part, which we'll promptly address and correct, of course! 

  • Free shipping, including $300+ orders, will no longer be available.

  • TAT - 3-7 business days

  • All sublimation equipment, including tumbler presses and all attachments, will be on clearance.

  • EXCEPTIONS include the PNW 16x20 Cascadia flat heat press, digitals, and laser-cut blanks. All eligible listings are identified with the "CLEARANCE" ribbon for easy identification..

  • The PNW 16x20 Cascadia flat presses will also be available on PNW Print Co's website. We'll continue carrying flat presses as they complement our DTF transfers well! This is literally the best heat press you can find for the money .


Thanks for your understanding and continued support! We're excited to continue serving you and offering the utmost quality in DTF and UV DTF transfers and…. maybe something else! ;)

If you have any questions, feel free to to message us!

Danny & Elena


i'm so happy I received my PNW sublimation press Friday. Yesterday, I sublimated two tumblers in the press, and they came out amazing. No ghosting, and I used THREE pieces of tape. I'm very impressed. I had a lot of ghosting with the convection oven, and I messed up so many tumblers.

I was so on the fence about this press. I just went for it because I was so sick of taping, shrink wrap, and Hot Oven! And not to mention time! I got my press Saturday. I watched videos, read guides, and followed Facebook posts. I had a lot of orders and was going to use the oven. But, I figured, what the hell. BUY the PRESS NOW! It's a total GAME CHANGER! My results: every tumbler is PERFECT! Thanks, Elena!

Found PNW Blanks and haven’t even considered ordering from anywhere else. If they don’t have it, I don’t offer it. I let my customers know it’s quality I can count on.

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