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We Source Quality, So You Don't Have To!

PNW Blanks & Sublimation is committed to providing high-quality products, affordable pricing, and exceptional customer service. To ensure that we deliver on our promise, we meticulously test every item before listing it for sale. We believe that quality products are just as important as affordability and customer service, and we strive to deliver on all fronts.

Our customers' success is our success, and we take great pride in being a trusted partner in helping them grow their business. We are grateful for the trust that our customers place in us and are committed to providing the best possible experience and support. Thank you for choosing PNW Blanks & Sublimation as your partner in business.

PNW Blanks & Sublimation by Elena is a small family-run business that was founded by me, Elena, and my husband Danny.


I grew up in a former socialist country where I developed a passion for creating new things, particularly through knitting and sewing. Danny spent 21 years serving our country in the U.S. Army, 18 of those years in the Army Special Forces. After retiring, Danny discovered a love for DIY projects and woodworking, while I developed a fascination with sublimation and the art of personalizing custom sublimation blanks.

Together, we have built a business that we are truly passionate about. We take great pride in offering high-quality products that our customers love.

Danny and Elena in Seattle
Behind The Scenes

At PNW Blanks & Sublimation by Elena, we believe in providing excellent customer service and work hard to ensure every customer has a positive experience.

We sincerely appreciate your continuous support and are grateful for the opportunity to do what we love every day. When you shop with PNW Blanks & Sublimation by Elena, you support a Veteran-owned small family business that cares about its customers and takes pride in everything we do.

The Origin Story

It all began as a humble Facebook group where my business partner Anna and I organized group buy-ins for our fellow crafters. As the group continued to grow over the past almost five years, it evolved into something beyond our wildest imaginations.


Today, we have expanded beyond the Facebook group and launched two websites offering a diverse range of competitively priced blanks. Our growth is a testament to the passion and dedication we have put into our business, and we are grateful to our community of customers for their support.

Innovative Ideas

At PNW Blanks & Sublimation, we are always on the lookout for new and innovative ideas to offer our customers. We go beyond sourcing existing products and have even developed our own blanks and equipment to meet the unique needs of our customers. If you have a specific product in mind, don't hesitate to reach out to us, and we will explore the possibilities of bringing it to life.

In 2021, we at PNW Blanks & Sublimation teamed up with a prominent manufacturer and achieved great success in creating the cutting-edge PNW Drinkware Press. Additionally, we developed a 12" long tumbler press attachment that guarantees even heat distribution when pressing 30 oz tumblers. We recognized the importance of having a long heating element to achieve uniform heating, despite any temperature fluctuations that may occur at the ends.

In 2022, we continued to innovate with the launch of four new products that were developed from our ideas:

  1. The Edgy Tumbler: This unique flat-bottom tumbler allows for full top-to-bottom coverage, featuring a twist-on leakproof lid and premium coating.

  2. The Sublimation Snowglobe pen: A fun and custom writing instrument that perfectly complements our snowglobe tumblers. The pens are sublimatable on the metal part and feature an acrylic top that can be filled with glitter and liquid.

  3. The PenCreate: This innovative pen-making tool connects directly to your PNW Press, allowing you to make six pens at once. The machine comes in three fun colors and is a game-changer for pen makers.

We are committed to delivering high-quality and unique products to our customers and are always exploring new ideas and advancements.

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